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Focus77 Medical  ::  Nursing  ::  DVD  ::  Lippincott's Maternity Nursing Video Series: Labor and Delivery
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  Lippincott's Maternity Nursing Video Series: Labor and Delivery #1022
Lippincott's Maternity Nursing Video Series: Labor and Delivery  Lippincott's Maternity Nursing Video Series consists of four documentary-style videos demonstrating nursing care of women and families from the prenatal period, through labor and delivery, through the postpartum period. The videos show various pregnancy experiences, types of labors and deliveries, and postpartum experiences and include nurse, patient, and family interviews. Module 1, Prenatal Care, focuses on family adaptations to pregnancy, promoting healthy pregnancy, and identifying red-flag disorders during the first, second, and third trimesters. Module 2, Labor and Delivery, shows assessment, monitoring, pain management, and supportive care during normal labor and vaginal delivery. Module 3, Obstetrical Procedures, covers nursing care during a labor induction, emergency c-section, and planned c-section. Module 4, Postpartum Care, covers maternal and newborn assessment, pain management, and family teaching from 12 hours postpartum through the 6-week follow-up.

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