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  Musculoskeletal Cases #465
Musculoskeletal Cases  Musculoskeletal Cases is part of Clinical Experiences: Interview, Assess, Diagnose--a highly interactive CD-ROM that will help teach essential physical examination skills. Through the use of a tactile sensory device, students will experience sight, sound, and "touch-sensation" with each clinical case. Upon choosing a case, the student will be presented with a patient's case history, including a chief complaint, and students can ask the patient selected questions. Then students can perform the physical examination and assess the appropriate anatomy using the sensory mouse. After completing the examination, students select a diagnosis for which both correct and incorrect choices have rationales.Cases include: 72-year-old male, increased pain and swelling of right knee, increased stiffness; 40-year-old female, progressive pain in right knee, increases with activity; 25-year-old female, pain and stiffness in neck; 14-year-old female, pain and swelling in right knee and lower leg; and 33-year-old male, severe pain and swelling in right knee after sudden change in direction in soccer.Five different modules are available for individual purchase or purchase as a collection: abdominal, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurologic, and pulmonary. A comprehensive test is also included in the collection.

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