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  Nutrition in Medicine® #573
Nutrition in Medicine®  Prepared by Dr. Steven H. Zeisel, a world-renowned authority in nutrition, the Nutrition in Medicine(R) series of CD-ROMs is designed to incorporate innovative, effective, flexible, and portable electronic nutrition education into the standard health professions curriculum. Featuring graphics, streaming video, animation, and text, this cutting-edge interactive resource is an excellent teaching tool, whether used in conjunction with or in place of standard textbooks. The CD-ROMs can be put on desktops or posted on an intranet for students to work from. Each module offers easy-to-digest lessons, provides interactive learning tools such as pop quizzes and practical patient cases, and includes three self-assessment exams to test the student's knowledge. Vital references such as diagnostic tests, nutritional assessments, dietary allowances, and food labels are accessible from any point in the program. Key words in each lesson are linked to a glossary of nutrition terminology. Coverage includes complete information on the benefits and risks of herbal products and their use in conjunction with drugs. A color-coded menu makes it easy to get from topic to topic, and an index enables students to locate topics quickly.Each module comes with a "Teacher's Pak" that guides the instructor in using the program effectively in a course. Also included are instructions for faculty on customizing the CDs for students and incorporating tests, drills, and homework. All CDs include supporting PDF material for instructors and students. Nutrition in Medicine(R), Volume 1: The Disease Series CD-ROM Set consists of five CD-ROMs focusing on nutritional management of diseases. Coverage includes nutritional anemias; nutrition and metabolic stress; nutrition and cancer; diet, obesity, and cardiovascular disease; and diabetes and weight management. Nutrition in Medicine(R), Volume 2: The Lifecycle Series / Special Topics CD-ROM Set consists of five CD-ROMs on nutrition throughout the lifecycle and special issues in nutrition. Coverage includes maternal and infant nutrition; nutrition and growth; nutrition for the second half of life; nutrition supplements and fortified foods; and sports nutrition. The entire Nutrition in Medicine(R) series is also available in a package of ten CD-ROMs.

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