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  Temporal Bone Dissector CD-ROM #625
Temporal Bone Dissector CD-ROM  Ear surgery is difficult for every surgeon to master due to the intricate anatomical nature of the temporal bone area. Before any operation can be attempted, the surgeon must understand the complex 3-D relationships between structures of the posterior skull base. Learning and understanding this subject matter thoroughly usually requires actual dissection of cadaver material. This CD-ROM will provide clear 3-D coverage of this difficult area. This CD-ROM presents otologic and posterior fossa skull base anatomy through a collection of interlinked illustrations, animated 3-D computer models, photographs, video and text. Users can choose a surgical procedure on a computer generated temporal bone, removing and replacing structures at will. The user is able to reference more in-depth information about anatomy, physiology and the surgical significance of any given structure at any time. Digitized video of actual surgery and CT and/or MRI data will also be available. This new CD-ROM is an electronic, interactive companion to Dr. Jackler's text and atlas, Neurotology and Atlas of Surgical Neurotology. Using interlinked illustrations, animated three-dimensional computer models, photographs, videos, and text, Drs. Jackler and Blevins have organized an easy-to-follow, effective approach to the understanding of ear surgery. With this CD-ROM, the user can choose a surgical procedure and then perform that procedure, removing and replacing structures at will, on a computer-generated temporal bone.

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